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Tia's second litter (sire, Ripley) arrived on January 22, 2017.  Four boys and one little princess.   

Ripley x Tiamo

CT MACH Mirasol Rip Van Periwinkle CDX MXB MJB NF x Cayberry's I Choose Love

Before committing to a Golden Retriever puppy, please consider first if a golden retriever is the right breed for you and  your family.  If this will be your first golden retriever puppy, or your first in several years, please read the information provided by our parent club, The Golden Retriever Club of America:
Our "Tweets" litter .. whelped April 18, 2016
Twelve pups ... seven girls, five boys
Ripley x Tiamo

This is Bree from the Tweets Litter, napping with her grandma Moxie!

This is Bree as she began her training for the Newtown-Strong Therapy Dogs

Some More Tweets:

Some of our puppies from past litters:

This is Eli, a Tagg x Libby puppy


Moxie Puppy, Miss Raspberry (Presley) Going Home Day

           Moxie Puppy, Mr. Royal Blue (Jack)

Below are Moxie puppies Brandi and Jack


Below is Moxie Puppy Scout, who was Mr. Lime, with his "girls" ...

Puppy Avalanche (Libby Puppies):

Libby and her brand new pups
 Libby Puppies below at 3-1/2 weeks old, outside of the
whelping box for the first time, and
gathering together on the way out. 
Here below is a precious moment
between Libby and her little
Miss Pink puppy
It's exhausting, being a puppy! Miss Yellow, four weeks 
                                      Mr. Green
                            Chowing Down on First RawMeat Meal
                                                      LIME BOY               
                                         MISS YELLOW

        Miss Yellow                                                                                                        

Mr.   Green


Mr. Black

Miss Yellow

Mr. Orange..  7 weeks Mr. Blue .. 7 weeks
Below are Libby and Tagg's first litter at 7-1/2 weeks old, on our last day all together.
First Tagg x Libby Litter, whelped January 2010 ... because we had all girls, our litter theme was the "chicks" -- and here are Pink, Yellow and Green, at 7-1/2 weeks old, as they were getting ready to go to their forever homes:
This is Ms. Pink, now known as MOXIE!  Because that's exactly what she has.  Moxie was my pick, and so she remained here with me. She is quite a handful, smart as a whip, always busy doing something, and brings laughter and fun into our lives every day.  Her official name is
Cayberry's Chick of the Litter.
 And here is Ms. Yellow, now known as Kaia!  Kaia was #2 whelp, quiet and sweet from the get-go, and for the first few weeks I called her Mellow Yellow, until suddenly the MELLOW part disappeared!  She lives with, and is simply adored by, Ken and Dana Nelson and their two Golden boys, Napa and Jamaica, out in the Chicago area.  Kaia is doing amazing things in her new home, and has become an outstanding agility dog. Kaia's official name is
Cayberry Chick'et To Adventure
And here is Ms. Green, who always stunned everyone with her beautiful head and expression.


 This is our Foundation Pedigree





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